Our projects


Human Rights Defenders

Human Rights Defenders is conducting research to identify the groups that are most at risk of having their human rights violated in Edinburgh, with a view to working with high level decision makers to better protect these groups. The research currently centres on refugees/asylum seekers and individuals that are homeless.

Reforest Scotland

To combat climate change and the sixth extinction one option is to reforest our lands and cities.

The challenge is to determine what natural vegetation there has been, how it can be brought back and how to maximise its potential.

  • We are working to connect different stakeholders in and around Edinburgh to protect and restore biodiversity to fight climate change and enhance human health and well being.


Carbon Positive Jobs for the Future

With a climate emergency to respond to as technology pushes at boundaries, many jobs in Scotland will change or disappear. New jobs will also emerge.

  • Therefore this event asked: how can we ensure that these jobs support the future of our planet?
  • These questions were addressed by leaders in the private, public, and voluntary sectors, and tied together with academic insight.
  • The event was held at the Scottish Parliament in collaboration with Scotland's Futures Forum. This event report summarises the knowledge generated from the discussion.

Edinburgh Future Talent Forum

We co-hosted an event for a large group of school children from different schools in Edinburgh to share advice around further education and the world of work. This included panel discussions, workshops and a photographer taking photos for LinkedIn profiles. We also provided example CVs for the students. Our partner was the WildHearts Group.